Warranty Information

  • Warranty only valid to original purchaser
  • Warranty only valid to the item used at home,If you want to use the product for commercial purposes, this warranty is inapplicable
  • Warranty shall be null and void if the item has been subjected to accident, misuse, abuse, improper service, or any modification not authorized by the Company
  • This warranty does not cover damage to the finish of any item nor shipping charges, or any costs incurred in installing repaired or replacement parts shipped under the provisions of this warranty.
  • Each item has different specific warranty time, please refer to each item's description page

For Home Reformers

Ninety (90) Days on parts

Default One (1) Year on frame

At its option, the Company will repair or replace warranted parts, provided that any such failure is due to a defect in workmanship or materials and provided that such failure occurs and is reported to the Company within the part-specific warranty period.