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nexace Pilates Reformer Machine ,Foldable Pilates Machine Equipment for Home

nexace Pilates Reformer Machine ,Foldable Pilates Machine Equipment for Home

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This is an affordable Pilates machine that was designed specifically to be used in the home (appartment), with entirely foldable frame and raised bed. Convenient for pilates beginners and those who want to continure to practice Pilates at home in between studio visits

Sturdier,very well made to support Max 300 lb



  • Designed for home gym use
  • Upgraded Sturdy with Thicker Steel and well made to support max 300lb
  • Easy to fold to save space and store 
  • 5 resistant cords ,each cord around 11lb
  • Extendable footbar 
  • Easy rope adjustment
  • Alumnium Sliding Rails offer more smoothness
  • An add-on Pillow included to make workout more comfortable
  • Thicker padded cushion make more comfortable

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Set up to fit your height

please set the footbar via pulling up and move

please set the rope length via adjusting button under the carriage bed

Max for 5'7"